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Understanding the Trauma Drama, part 2: Hot Stove

Let’s start with instincts. We don’t have the same kind of instincts that animals have. We have some we are born with, like sucking for milk and preferring to look at  human faces; but, for the most part, we learn … Continue reading

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Can’t Sleep? A Guide to the Land of Nod, Part II

So, you can’t sleep and, instead of tossing around some more in bed, you got up to do some surfing on the web. You found this site and clicked, hoping for some help, eager for a few zzz’s. Well, I … Continue reading

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Understanding the Trauma Drama, Part 1: Cleaning the Closet

One thing about the Holidays: we are certain to encounter the past. We are confronted with it if we go back to the old homestead, step in through our childhood door, and walk into our early days. We face it … Continue reading

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There aren’t many mental illnesses that therapists are accused of creating, but dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder, as it officially used to be known, is one of them. It may be the only one. Blaming people for creating … Continue reading

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Story Blindness

Sometimes a story will cause us to go blind. Let me tell you how it happened to me. Years ago, I was traveling by Greyhound bus, scheduled to transfer at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. This was … Continue reading

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The Ownership of Thoughts

It seems as though my mind is a thought factory, working constantly, at peak capacity, three shifts a day, seven days a week. It manufactures thoughts to order, as when I sit with a patient and she asks me what … Continue reading

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