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Some Things You May Not Know About Substance Abuse, Part I

It’s not how much you use, it’s what happens when you use. Grandma doesn’t drink much. She only has a glass of champagne every New Year’s Eve, as a matter of fact. But, boy, oh, boy, you should see what … Continue reading

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Story Blindness

Sometimes a story will cause us to go blind. Let me tell you how it happened to me. Years ago, I was traveling by Greyhound bus, scheduled to transfer at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. This was … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Specialize In Anything

I could’ve had a specialty. I did some post grad work in family therapy and some more in substance abuse. I sought for ways to address the desire my clients had to quit using tobacco back in the days when … Continue reading

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The Gumbo of Grief

These days, no one can shed a tear without someone mentioning the five stages of grief. I’m convinced that when people sit with the bereft, they bring up the stages just so that they can have something to say. Anything … Continue reading

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The Ownership of Thoughts

It seems as though my mind is a thought factory, working constantly, at peak capacity, three shifts a day, seven days a week. It manufactures thoughts to order, as when I sit with a patient and she asks me what … Continue reading

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Love: The Rock Tumbler

Back when my son was a child, he used to dig holes in the back yard. He would adopt stones that he liked and would line the shelves of his room with them. His mother used to complain of the … Continue reading

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Taming the Pumpkin, or, How to Influence People Without Getting Whacked

Once upon a time a traveler hiked down from the mountains into a remote valley to find all the farmers there in a panic. They were running from their vegetable garden into their village, screaming. The women clutched their children … Continue reading

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Online and Phone Sessions

Forever, counselors have been saying that we will meet you where you are, now we mean this literally as well as figuratively. No, we don’t do house calls, but we do the next best thing. We can use all the … Continue reading

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